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Seeing is Believing

    It is said that cameras can only picture what is there, so it would be expected that the photographs we take with them are an accurate record of a scene we have actually witnessed. Occasionally, however, the result is disappointing, in particular with landscapes which can appear flat and boring, in fact nowhere near as breathtaking as we remembered them. Then there is the odd photo that leaves us open-mouthed because the camera has picked up something that we haven't.

fruit grader
Even Sam Didn't See It !

  This photo was taken in the packing shed of a fruit farm. It was daytime, the weather outside was sunny and warm, no burning-off was taking place in the area and no-one was smoking. As I recall, there were four of us close by and not one saw the ghostly image hovering around Sam. None of the other negatives on the roll of film showed any defects and the only explanation was that the white smudging was the result of a processing fault. However, when I showed the photo to Sam's wife Carmel, her complexion turned as pale as the smoky swirls. She confessed that a ghost had been haunting her for years. It had even tried to strangle her once! But, of course, nobody would believe her wild claims. So, I gave her a copy of the photo in the hopes that her sceptics might be a little more sympathetic in future …?

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