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Seeing is Believing

    Unless photography is the main object of the exercise, travelling around from A to B tends to be focussed on the destination rather than surroundings along the way. On the odd occasion when something of interest is noticed, a camera isn't always on hand. We passed this scene many times before even becoming aware of the sign and eventually made a special trip to take the shot.

Field and sign

No Swimming...?

Seems crazy, doesn't it? Dry as a bone for a good part of the year, this paddock in Western Australia isn't likely to get wet or even damp until the rains come, or the farmer turns on the reticulation. Although it doesn't look like it, the sign refers not to the field, but a former, open channel used for irrigation purposes. Being unfenced, it did pose a danger, especially to kids who would sit in it, waiting for the rush of water that would hit them like a wave and speed them along in the torrent, causing great delight and a fair few grazed backsides. Then local authorities decided to sink miles of piping to carry the water underground, reducing evaporation and the risk to public safety. Actually, a small stretch of the old channel is still there, hard to see now because it is overgrown with weeds; but I guess its continuing waterless presence alone is reason enough to leave the sign up. Or maybe the person sent to move it drowned in his own perspiration.

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