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Seeing is Believing

    Tourists take photos - it's in the job description - but I wonder how many stop to think about the stories that lay behind their happy snaps? Here are two shots I took while on one of our trips around Australia.

The Southern Ocean

Picturesque Yet Deadly

  This outlook is pretty much standard for photographers. Views along the coast are beautiful and breathtaking. But this body of water, The Southern Ocean, has claimed countless lives and is frequently the scene of dramatic rescues of sailors who fall foul of its uncompromising might and power. Why, we ponder, would anyone risk putting to sea here, especially in a small boat. But they do, apparently‚Ķ

Not For The Faint-Hearted

Boat Ramp

  We came across this spot while driving across the Nullarbor Plain. The name means "no trees", and there's not much of anything else either, except for 186 kilometres of bitumen and the odd roadhouse. That is, unless you turn off onto a track that leads to one of the tourist lookouts. It takes no time at all, as the road runs very close to the coastline, and it's always good to stretch the legs. While doing that, you can look out over The Great Australian Bight and marvel at its immensity, perhaps imagine that anyone brave enough could sail out towards the horizon, eventually finding themselves in the Southern Ocean and on their way to Antarctica.
  But who would even dare challenge The Bight and its notorious reputation for unpredictable weather changes? Obviously someone thought more than a few might like to try, which is why this boat ramp was constructed. It is so long and steep that a leisurely walk to the bottom is well-overshadowed by the heart-thumping return back to the top. Never mind the Jolly Jack Tar stuff - I would have nightmares thinking about the prospect of reversing a car down that thing, let alone with a boat and trailer behind!
  Anyhow, good luck and fair weather to all you intrepid adventurers. You're much braver than me. I'll stay home and learn about your stories from the 6 o'clock news.

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