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sword and human skull in a desolate landscape
by Vin Jackson

  Is there life after death? Richard and Karen are sure of it because they died once and, although the doctors brought them back, part of them is still trapped on the other side. But this Afterlife their alter-egos are experiencing isn't what they were led to believe. It seems there is no peace after death, no Heaven, not any more. There is just a decaying land of medieval customs and barbarity, a living nightmare.

  Join two fresh reborns as they enter a world of depravity where the only rule that really matters is survival. Learn the true price of friendship and loyalty. Know what it is like when you are forced to kill; then share the despair of wanting to stop, but realising it has become an addiction.

Get a good feel for Vin Jackson's REBORN before you buy.

Click this Click for PDF file image to view or print the first 3 chapters.

If you would like to purchase this eBook, it is available from popular online retailers including:
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