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Scotch Eggs
Scotch Eggs
boiled eggs wrapped in crumbed sausage meat

4 eggs
350g sausage meat
1/2 cup breadcrumbs
extra virgin olive oil

Place eggs in a small pan, cover with cold water, bring slowly to the boil, then cover and simmer for six minutes. When cooked, drain hot water and cover again with cold water to cool down the eggs. Remove the shells when they are able to be handled, but don’t let them go cold. This is important – cold eggs will expand when heated and cause the sausage-meat wrapping to split.

Divide the sausage meat into 4. Take each piece, press out flat in the hand, place an egg in the centre and shape the meat to form a jacket, being careful to ensure an even thickness all round and that a good seal is made on the join.

Roll the wrapped eggs in breadcrumbs. Use sufficient oil to cover the base of a fry pan, then fry the scotch eggs gently, turning them frequently until golden brown and the meat is cooked.

Scotch eggs can be served hot with vegetables and gravy, or cold with a salad. Whether making a small or large batch, they can be prepared and cooked in advance and refrigerated, which is especially handy for party and group gatherings. They do NOT freeze well

Serves 4

Click here to view or print recipe in PDF.

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