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Portland Pasties
Portland Pasties
a variation on the better-known Cornish pasties

This one was uncovered by Kate Easlea while she was scouring the English county of Dorset for interesting local recipes. It differs from some versions of the pasty as the meat is uncooked when it goes in the pastry, and the flavour of turnip and horseradish make a pleasant change from the Cornish pasty. It is easy to see how the ingredients can be adapted to suit dietary requirements, so you can create your own surprise for that special dinner party. Vegetarians can replace the meat with a textured substitute, chopped finely.

125g raw minced beef (any raw minced meat can be used instead of beef)
2 Tbsps water
1 peeled and grated turnip (approx 170g)
1 medium peeled and diced potato (7mm or ¼ inch cubes)
1 level Tbsp horseradish sauce or cream. If no GF available, try a mixture of mayo and Dijon mustard.
salt and pepper for seasoning
1 beaten egg, or milk for glazing

Mix all filling ingredients together well, then divide into four.

Shortcrust Pastry
200g plain flour
75g cooking margarine
½ tsp salt
cold water to mix

OR for Low-cholesterol Pastry
160g plain flour
40g self-raising flour
50ml canola or olive oil
½ tsp salt
cold water to mix

For the standard shortcrust, rub the fat into the flour with the finger-tips. With the low-cholesterol version, work the oil into the mixed flour with the back of a fork. When the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs, add water a little at a time, mixing with a fork until it clings together as a soft dough – this shouldn’t be too dry, but not sticky either.

See Healthy Living HL15 – Gluten-Free Food for GF pastry ingredients and method. Roll out each ball on a separate piece of baking paper and leave on the paper, using it to make folding and crimping easier.

Divide into four, gently form each into a ball and roll out on a floured surface to make 15cm (6 inch) rounds. Pile a quarter of the meat mixture into the centre of each round, damp the edge of the pastry with water, then carefully fold over the filling and join the moistened edges together. Crimp to make a good seal. Poke a hole in the top to allow steam to escape, brush with beaten egg or milk, and bake on a tray for 15 minutes 200°C (175°C fan forced), then turn down to 180°C (160°C fan forced) for a further 30 minutes.

Serves 4 with your choice of vegetables and gravy, or French Fries if you fancy a pub meal

Freezes well, if bagged to seal, then stored in a hard container to protect from damage.

Click here to view or print recipe in PDF.

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