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Sausage Meatloaf
Sausage Meatloaf

hot or cold savoury sausage loaf

The original recipe for sausage meatloaf was intended as stuffing in turkey and you can still use it for this, but its true talents really come to light outside the bird. It is a breeze to make and ideal for those special occasions, either as a main course, or on a platter as part of a smorgasbord. It can be carved as thick as you like and served hot on its own with vegetables and gravy. It is also a great savoury partner for chicken and turkey, either hot or cold. Want something different in the sandwiches? Try some thinly-sliced sausage meatloaf with chutney, relish, or mustard. It is so versatile that it won’t last long, but you can easily make another.

800g minced sausage meat
1 medium onion, finely chopped
1 small celery stick, finely chopped
5 cups bread cubes (¼ inch, or 0.5cm)
2 eggs (lightly beaten)
3 tsps mixed herbs
a sprinkle of salt & pepper (optional)

In a suitable bowl, combine all the ingredients well. You can do this with a fork or spoon, but it really is better by hand – the meat seems easier to separate, plus you can feel the bread cubes and can avoid breaking them up.
This is especially important when using gluten-free bread which has a tendency to crumble.

Line a 24cm x 13cm loaf tin (or larger) with baking paper and pack the mixture in evenly, ensuring that there are no air-pockets. Bake in the oven on 180°C conventional (165°C fan-forced) for 50-60 minutes. If you prefer the top to remain soft as opposed to crisp and crunchy, cover with foil for 40 minutes and remove for the last 10 minutes or so to finish off.

Serves 6 – 8 with bubble and squeak (Recipe R20)         Freezes well

Click here to view or print recipe in PDF.

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