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Light & Easy Scones
Easy-to-make sweet or savoury scones

  We went to our friend Marje for coffee one morning and she served up these amazing scones. They're so easy, she said, and turn out perfect every time. I've heard that one before and asked for the recipe to give it a go. You weren't wrong, Marje - they were easy to make and ours tasted almost as good as yours. Thank you.

1½ cups plain flour
3 level tsps baking powder
¼ cup cream
2/3 cup lemonade
Rice flour for dusting

Wheat flour:
1½ cups self-raising flour
¼ cup cream
½ cup lemonade
Plain flour for dusting

Cheese scones:
Add to flour ½ cup finely grated Cheddar cheese

You will need a suitable size bowl, measuring cups, a plastic spatula or spoon and a rolling pin.

For Gluten-Free only: combine the baking powder thoroughly with the flour.

For both: make a well in the centre, pour in the cream first, then the lemonade and mix with the spatula to form a ball of dough. Transfer to a flat surface or board.
With the wheat version, lightly dust the board, flatten the ball using the palm of the hand, dust the top and begin rolling to a thickness of about 18mm (¾ inch).

The Gluten-Free dough will need rolling between two sheets of baking paper. Lightly dust the under sheet with rice flour, press down the dough and dust the top. Place the second sheet of paper over it and roll carefully to the same thickness as the wheat version.

Divide into eight pieces with a knife (unless you want round scones, in which case use a cutter). Place on a shallow tray lined with baking paper, and keep the scones separated. Bake for approximately 7 minutes on 195°C fan-forced (210°C conventional).

Makes 8 scones           and they Freeze well

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