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Bean Bake
Bean Bake
budget baked-bean and potato casserole

  This is a real money-saver to feed the hungry horde. It can be used as single course or as an accompaniment with other vegies for meat dishes and goes well with sausages. Bean Bake is also ideal for barbecues because it is cooked in the oven leaving the grill or hotplate for the steaks, chops and other important stuff.

4-5 medium potatoes
420g can baked beans
1 cup grated cheese
Salt & pepper (optional)

Select a suitable casserole or baking dish with a lid (foil can be used instead). The size will depend on whether you stick to the basic recipe, or wish to make a larger or smaller batch.

Peel the potatoes and cut into slices a bit less than a centimetre (about 3/8 inch), then par-boil so that they are softening, but not falling apart. It's probably best to start the oven at this point so that the potatoes are still warm when placed in the casserole dish.

Spread HALF of the baked beans over the base of the dish, cover with a layer of potatoes then sprinkle on HALF of the cheese. Over this, layer the rest of the beans, the remaining potatoes next, and finally what's left of the cheese.

Bake covered on 175°C fan-forced (190°C conventional) for 20 minutes. Remove the lid or foil and continue cooking for 15-20 minutes until the cheese melts and begins to brown.

Serves 3-4 depending on appetite

Would probably freeze well, but you're unlikely to have any leftovers - we didn't!

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