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a suitcase with a gun
by Kathy Sampson

  The circumstances are right, the opportunity has presented itself. Now, all she needs is a plan and she can be free of the humilitation, the abuse, and of him. She simply has to play the dutiful wife and tread softly - very softly - because Michael is not a forgiving man.

  But there are things Estelle doesn't know, not yet. They will come to her soon, a piece at a time. And as they do, the night will grow darker, the fear greater and her determination will crumble. She will want to stop it, to go back to the way things were, only it is far too late.

  Suddenly, she finds herself alone, terrified and running in fear! And waiting for Michael has become a matter of life and death!

Get a good feel for Waiting For Michael before you buy.

Click this Click for PDF file image to view or print the first 3 chapters.

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