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Issue 21
Improve your writing skills Part 1

hand writing

Letters, Assignments, Essays and Presentations.

Issue 22
Improve your writing skills Part 2

hand writing

Writing - Stories and Novels

Issue 23
Book Review

book cover

Take My Hand by Jo Wiles

Issue 24
Our Bushfire Emergency

Bush fire

Fire perimeter more than 320kms (200miles), with 180 properties lost.
The best I can do is document what I recall...

Issue 25
After the Resolution

When the best of intentions come to naught

Issue 26
Self Sufficiency

solar panels

Is It Possible?

Issue 27
All the Lonely People

shopping mall

They are among us, but who ever sees them?

Issue 28
Remembrance Day


Staying in touch with family and friends

Issue 29
Finding Happiness

2 teddybears

Is it far off in the future, or here right now?

Issue 30
Power Cut

Power out plus candle

When the Lights Go Out and Somebody's Home

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