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Focus articles 25-36 are an assortment of topics not covered by other sections

Issue 25
After the Resolution

When the best of intentions come to naught

Issue 26
Self Sufficiency

solar panels

Is It Possible?

Issue 27
All the Lonely People

shopping mall

They are among us, but who ever sees them?

Issue 28
Remembrance Day


Staying in touch with family and friends

Issue 29
Finding Happiness

2 teddybears

Is it far off in the future, or here right now?

Issue 30
Power Cut

Power out plus candle

When the Lights Go Out and Somebody's Home

Issue 31

2 Instructions

Instructions Are There to be Read - ALL of Them!

Issue 32
Whatever happened to the 3 R's?

2 Whatever happened to Education?

The pace of modern life is leaving education behind

Issue 33
Get it in Writing

a hand writing

A hand-shake is not legally binding

Issue 34
The Silence of the Men

2 men standing

Men are reluctant to talk about their health problems

Issue 35
A Sense of Humour

laughing donkeys

a laugh and a joke can relieve stress

Issue 36
Your Guiding Light

silhouette in moonlit sky

the friend who helps with life's decisions

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