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Focus articles 49 onwards are an assortment of topics not covered by other sections

Issue 49
Tracing the Family Tree

family tree

Creating your own family tree from available sources

Issue 50
Sciatica - Cause and Effect

rear view and nerves

How the pain of sciatica is transferred from the site of injury

Issue 51
Caught in a Cyclone


An account of experiences during Cyclone Seroja

Issue 52
In Two Minds

hand and coin

Trust Instinct and Intuition, the guides to decision-making

Issue 53
Parkinson's Disease


A progressive, debilitating disease of the nervous system

Issue 54
What Happens To Us When We Die?

image and words

Is the life we are leading all there is - or does something come after?

Issue 55


A few words don't tell the whole story

Issue 56
Extreme Weather - ! Storm Warning Alert !

Electric Storm Warning

When stormy weather is approaching you need to be prepared

Issue 57
Staying Cool in Summer


Air conditioning is expensive, but there are other ways to stay cool

Issue 58
Writing Screenplays

writing screenplays

How to write a screenplay.

Issue 59
Getting a Pet


Taking on a pet needs more than a little consideration

Issue 60
The Power of Boycott

image and boycott

How boycott impacts even the civilised world

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