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Focus articles 37 onwards are an assortment of topics not covered by other sections

Issue 37
Seachange Treechange

beach scene

a great idea that needs careful consideration

Issue 38
Saving the Planet


is it a pipe-dream, or are we on the right track?

Issue 39
The Meaning of Life

potted plant

the impressions we make along the way are the true meaning of life

Issue 40
The Psychology of Productivity

two old working men

Workers are people, not machines!

Issue 41
The Age of Rage

angry gorilla

Why do people these days seem so angry?

Issue 42
The Seasons of Happiness

words - the seasons of happiness

a journey through the trials, tribulations and achievements of a lifetime

Issue 43

asbestos stone

A Town Born To Die

Issue 44
All Praise to the Vollies

the vollies are there for us

Where would we be without volunteers?

Issue 45
Search and Rescue Dogs

Search dog

the K-9's with a nose for the job

Issue 46
Think Outside the Box

thinker statue

When the old ways no longer suit modern needs

Issue 47
The Chocolate Cake Syndrome

Chocolate Cake

Honesty is the best policy

Issue 48
TV Sleuthing - Close, but no Cigar!

DNA strand

Is forensic science really like we see it on the box?

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