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cottage scene

The Old Round House by Dave Hawkins

Category: Science Fiction: a novel for readers from nine to ninety

For young schoolboy Terry Savage, role-playing is much better than stuffy reality. Even the strife it gets him into just adds to the challenges of make-believe. But when he stumbles across an old gazebo he unwittingly sets in motion a series of events which propel him into an adventure far beyond his wildest dreams. Suddenly, this fourteen year old must grow up very fast indeed!


A Gift from the Grave cover

A Gift from the Grave by Dave Hawkins

Category: Fiction - Short Story

Stricken with grief after the death of his wife, Brendan O'Connell can see little for him but to endure a life alone, despite encouragement from his family. His grandson, however, is less into platitudes than he is practicalities; and when he accepts delivery of a gift from the grave, the pair set out on a quest to change not only the present, but also the past.


The Cheese Minders cover

The Cheese Minders by Dave Hawkins

Category: Fiction: Short Story

Following a nervous breakdown, Frank takes his family on a holiday to aid recovery. Although he and his daughter disagree, his wife Tanya is sure the old country house made available by their doctor will help them all regain a sense of normality. Unfortunately, the situation they find themselves in is rather more paranormal; because the real owner of the house has a weird and sinister plan for them.


Christmas in September

Christmas in September by Dave Hawkins

Category: Screenplay

I originally wrote this screenplay as an exercise for an acting agency to help members get a feel for working on a filmed production hypothetically intended for television. Very different to a stage play, the script for a screenplay includes more than dialogue and a few simple directions. The writer has to imagine how a scene will initially open and continue, in effect what the viewers will see on screen; then suggest certain considerations such as lighting, sound effects, perhaps even camera angles; although the director may decide to change any or all of these. There may also be guidelines for the actions of the characters, and ways for the actors to play their parts convincingly. Details of how to write the script for a screenplay are covered in the Focus F58 article Writing Screenplays, and I recommend having a read of Christmas in September which is a practical example.


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