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Monthly Planner

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annual planner
There is also the Periodic Planner for 2024 plus three months into 2025

Everyone has important dates to remember throughout the year. There will be payments due, meetings to attend, medical appointments, and those periods which can extend to a week or more, like vacations, conferences and seminars.

Here is something that may be of use - a printable sheet for a single month which can be pinned up, stuck on the fridge, or wherever it can be easily seen and added to. Just download the PDF and print off as many as needed, either for yourself, or the kids. With luck it might encourage them to get their assignments in on time and do what they need to without you having to constantly remind them. In case they do forget - a distinct possibility - a quick glance at the planner will confirm whatever's on the schedule for today and in the near future.

We hope these will help make your life a little easier.

A Season of Happiness - helping you towards a better lifestyle

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