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Moonberry Pie is a collection of stories for carers to tell young children; but there are no pictures. Each slice of Moonberry Pie is another story

In the days before printing, story-tellers had to delight listeners with their own words; sometimes by relating actual past events, or by making up fictional tales of princes and paupers. Those who have no children, but just like a good story are welcome too.

Page Three:

When the circus comes to Bugsville, Roland, Slats and Myrtle want to become performers; but the Ringmaster doesn't think their individual acts are good enough. Clarissa is convinced she is so much better; but after she doesn't get a job either, the four friends try out one more time, joining together as The Fabulous Foursome.

The normally peaceful Scottish Estate of Glensporran is thrown into turmoil when a dragon appears and frightens the people. The Laird, Angus MacWally, advertises for someone to rid them of the creature, but it is so fearsome that nobody wants the job; not until two travellers arrive on the scene.

Doris always used to have a beautiful garden; but she is growing old and seems to have lost her green thumb. When her husband Ernie discovers two strange, furry things in the potato patch, Doris is convinced they are rats or mice. They are, however, more like little people, and have come to gift the old couple a very magical Christmas.

Bramblewerm the Wizard used to keep the Kingdom safe and brought the rain when needed with his magic; but he has disappeared. The King doesn't know where to find a new Wizard, so, he has made Digby, Bramblewerm's familiar, Deputy Wizard. Unfortunately, Digby is just a dog, too small to fit in the Wizard's robes, and he can't remember how to make spells.

Christmas is coming to Syrelle and the King is waiting for snow to make his kingdom look pretty; but there's no sign of it. This is a job for Wizwoh the Wizard and his familiar Lillfing, the incredibly short, blue elephant. Unfortunately, being relatively new to it, their spells don't always work the way they should. After the third try, however, they manage to bring the snow; and even have an extra-special present for the King. Uh-oh, there's a catch!

It's back to Bugsville for this story. Clarissa the spider is fed up with staying in the same place and wants to see somewhere different. When an opportunity presents itself to do just that, she railroads her three friends to come in on the deal. But the cost is pretty high; and, at the end of the day, it may not turn out to be such a good deal after all.

Little Lisa is in hospital with an illness that the doctors have been unable to cure. Coming to her rescue is her special friend Spudwiddy. Lisa's mother is convinced he is imaginary, but Spudwiddy is real enough; he is just so small that nobody can see him, not even Lisa. She knows he's there, though; and she is sure he can make her better; but to achieve this, Spudwiddy will have to do something pretty creepy that he has never done before.

The people of Gullybool go outside at night to watch a peculiar object flying across the sky, but no-one is quite sure what it is. This mystery is solved when the owner of a local factory comes across a character dressed in odd clothes claiming to be a genie who has fallen off his magic carpet. The problem now is to find a way to get him back on it, or he will spend the rest of his life stranded on Earth.

The annual Big Band competition is coming up and Falstaff's Music School will be entering; but the instruments are old and damaged, so they can't seem to stay in tune. While driving to the concert hall, the band's bus breaks down and they are forced to stay overnight at a farm. This is where Azwool pays a visit; and his pitch fork is about to make all the difference.

As Penelope the gentle breeze was drifting through town, she heard the people there were upset that the beach was so messy that nobody wanted to visit it anymore. Calling on her brother, Willy-Willy, she asked him to help by picking up the rubbish and taking it back to the tip where it had blown from. Unfortunately, Willy-Willy misunderstood and took all the rubbish instead to where it definitely wasn't wanted.

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