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Moonberry Pie is a collection of stories for carers to tell young children; but there are no pictures. Each slice of Moonberry Pie is another story

In the days before printing, story-tellers had to delight listeners with their own words; sometimes by relating actual past events, or by making up fictional tales of princes and paupers. Those who have no children, but just like a good story are welcome too.

Page Four:

Bertha, the last of the steam trains, sits at the platform of Boulder Pass station. After the station was closed due to danger from rock-falls, the old train is now just a tourist attraction along with the hotel. When a bus load of tourists is stranded by a snow storm, they have to stay the night; which is fine until an avalanche threatens to bury them all. It seems Bertha is their only hope of escape; but she hasn't run in years. Can she do it one more time...?

Wollo used to be a happy place; but on the neighbouring island of Beastrog reigned a wicked Queen who wanted to rule over all. Hearing of the forthcoming wedding of Prince Winstead of South Wollo to Princess Imogen of North Wallo, Queen Angina was very aware that this would unite the island of Wollo into a single, powerful realm, making it much harder to invade. So she must hatch an evil plot to prevent it.

The family is preparing to put up the Christmas decorations, and the two boys are helping. One of them, however, thinks they are getting too old for make-believe. Despite the enthusiasm of his brother and their parents, Christmas seems to have lost its magic for him. When the tree lights stop working on Christmas Eve, everyone is down in the dumps. Then something very strange happens to bring the spirit of Christmas back to the household.

The coastal village of Calmwater was a nice place to live; but the weather was unpredictable, making things difficult for the fishermen; and especially for those ships which had to travel to the markets in faraway Buckpool. Josiah Weames was one such sailor; but he was also a gambler who had made a bet with a well-known rogue. Unless he wins, he will lose his three ships and all of the goods on them. Can Erik and Helga help save the day? And who are they, anyway?

When they are born they have no idea where they are, or even what they are; not until their cousin Sylvia tells them. Put in The Green by a mother, these new arrivals are grublets; and over time they will learn about The Greening and what they need to do to become really green like Sylvia; and, most importantly, how to stay safe from the birds which will eat them. But there is more to life than hiding, eating and sleeping - so much more...

Larfalot is a wonderful place, a happy place; a land where the people who live there just play all day every day; this, thanks to the Tiddles who are always thinking up new games to play. Now, Nifty used to be a Tiddle until he was promoted to Wink; and he has been charged by The Grand Funmeister to go and find someone who is really sad, then bring them to Larfalot so that they can be happy. Unfortunately, his new player isn't having as much fun as Nifty might have hoped for.

The people of Syrelle are enjoying the long weekend granted by the King, a reward for bringing in a good harvest. As a bonus, the King has also agreed for his Wizard Wizwoh to create a carnival to celebrate. All is going well until news arrives that the King's brother has brought an army and is demanding all of the crops be turned over to him. This calls for instant action; but the King's troopers don't really want to leave the celebrations; and they have no horses to use as cavalry. Can Wizwoh and his familiar Lillfing save the day without messing up as usual?


Polearm used to be a warlike village boasting a fearsome band of soldiers well able to defend against invasion; but times change. With other tribes too scared to go up against such a fierce band of warriors, the only remaining use for the weapons is as cutting tools for breadkins, the staple diet of the villagers. This fruit is in abundance, but is only to be found in the next valley. Every few days the band of former warriors pulls carts through the canyon to collect the breadkins from the far valley. However, more breadkins need to be stockpiled to last out the winter; and that now seems impossible because a gigantic monster has suddenly appeared in the breadkin forest.

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