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Moonberry Pie is a collection of stories for carers to tell young children; but there are no pictures. Each slice of Moonberry Pie is another story

In the days before printing, story-tellers had to delight listeners with their own words; sometimes by relating actual past events, or by making up fictional tales of princes and paupers. Those who have no children, but just like a good story are welcome too.

Page Five:


Once, the town of Walkabout was a popular tourist destination. It boasted picturesque streets with quaint houses set in beautiful gardens and was a pleasure to walk around. Then one day three years ago, Ennio Lyon started up his scrap metal dealership just out of town. From then on the junk yard grew until it eventually became an eyesore that put visitors off even entering the town. At the council's request, Ennio tried to make his yard more attractive, but wasn't having much success. Then Ally Zarin arrived, and things were about to change.


Billy Bacon has dyslexia and it is causing problems at school. His handwriting is atrocious and although his English is good and he can prove that by spelling the letters of the words out loud, when he puts them on paper they are often back to front; and his spider's scrawl is hard for someone else to read. He has one last chance to complete a holiday story project; but if he can't improve his handwriting he will have to stay down and repeat grade 9 again. Something he finds in an old book, however, may be the answer to his prayers.


When Hickory Stack first built a car by hand, everyone in town wanted one. So he set up a factory to produce the Stack Special commercially. Over time, the Special became very popular, and this prompted the other car makers to find ways to get some of their business back. Then, new machines were invented that speeded up the production of everyone; and as a consequence the Stack Motor Company lost money. Now the bank is threatening to close the factory. Can Roger, Doris and Oscar turn the tide and save SMC from going out of business?


This was going to be the Jones family's first Christmas at Greengrove Farm, and everyone was doing their bit to make it a memorable one. It was certainly destined to be just that. While trying to bring some cheer to her next-door neighbour, Jenny Jones makes a card for the old lady. This is the beginning of a series of events which eventually turn a Merry Christmas into a mercy dash.


Percival Strand and his brothers and sisters lived inside a tall cane like a stick of bamboo; at least they used to. It was a boring life, but Percival's dream was that one day he would leave to explore the world. Then at last his dream came true. He could never have imagined, however, the trials and tribulations he and his family would be subjected to; and all because of Percival's conviction that he was destined to go places.


Mona is truly happy when her eggs finally hatch and her children are born; but something is about to happen that will really distress her. Two human children have decided to go fishing for tadpoles, and these are actually Mona's family. Seeing them trapped in a jam jar of water then taken away seems to be the end of her hopes and dreams. Cobber the dog, however, comes up with a plan; and he and Mona set out to put it into practice.


For Patrick and his sister, the show-and tell session at school was never enjoyable because they couldn't find anything to take that wasn't just ordinary and uninteresting. The only thing Patrick could come up with was a plastic compass he got out of a Christmas cracker. It was nothing special, certainly, but the boy is convinced it can guide them through the forest at the back of their house. Although they have been forbidden by their parents to enter it, they disobey; and this leads them on an adventure which proves to be anything but ordinary.

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