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Savoury Party Rolls
Savoury Party Rolls
an alternative to ordinary sausage-meat rolls

  This was an idea I'd been thinking about for a while and decided to give it a go when we were having visitors. The meat mince can be changed to suit taste and dietary requirements; so chicken or veal would be okay; maybe even beef. A smooth liver pâté is preferable but not essential. Extra spices such as chilli or curry can be added, but don't overdo it. Actually, here's one recipe you can experiment with to create your very own personalised snacks. You could even try a sweet fruit version.

200g pork mince
50g pâté (liverwurst)
½ cup finely-chopped onion
½ tsp mixed herbs
½ tsp chicken stock powder
¼ cup breadcrumbs
1 egg
Salt and pepper (optional)
2 sheets frozen puff pastry (Gluten free if required)
Milk for glazing

In a suitable bowl, crack the egg and mash the pâté into this thoroughly to form a smooth paste. Add the mixed herbs and stock powder along with any additional spices, plus a little salt and pepper if using. Give the mixture a good stir before introducing the chopped onion and breadcrumbs; then combine these well. Finally, mash in the meat mince with the back of a fork, turning it over frequently until all ingredients are evenly combined.

Defrost 2 sheets of frozen puff pastry on a flat surface. Cut each sheet down the middle to make 4 strips. Divide the filling evenly down the centre of each strip, but slightly to the right. Moisten the left-hand edges with a little water, then carefully roll each pastry strip over the filling to close off the pocket and lay on the moistened edge which is then underneath. Press down gently to flatten slightly before cutting across to make 20 rolls.

Place these on 2 baking sheets lined with baking paper, brush the tops with milk; then bake in the oven on 170°C fan forced (190°C conventional) for 20 minutes or until golden brown.

Makes 20 rolls           will freeze ok

Click this Click for PDF file image to view or print recipe.

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