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Brandy Butter
Brandy Butter
a hard sauce for Christmas, plum, or any sweet pudding

  A festive season favourite for many, this is my version, an oft-requested addition to the family party menu. It is definitely not weight-watchers; and, containing alcohol, should be avoided by anyone driving. The beauty of this hard sauce is that when a small portion is spooned on top of any sweet dessert that is warm to hot, the butter melts and the flavour infuses, adding to the taste. Be warned, though: it is very more-ish, and it will probably be a case of first in, first served.

100g butter
200g caster sugar
100g ground almond meal
6 tsps brandy
2 Tbsps medium sherry

Leave the butter out to soften. When it has, put in a suitable bowl with the sugar and cream the two together until soft and pale. Mix in the almond meal well. Add the brandy and lightly beat in with a wooden or plastic spoon, retaining the creamy texture. Finally add the medium sherry and beat again. Transfer to a dish, cover and refrigerate until needed.

Take out 5 or so minutes before serving and allow to soften; then fluff up with a fork.

Add a touch of magic to Christmas pud and warmed fruit mince pies.

        freezes well and keeps for ages

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