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Festive Trifle
Festive Trifle
A traditional festive dessert with jelly, fruit, custard and cream

  A great dessert for parties and family gatherings, trifle can be made to suit your taste. Being cold, it can be prepared a day or two beforehand up to the custard stage, leaving the cream topping until just before serving. The ingredients can be changed depending on availability and personal preference; and some, like the sherry and cream, can be omitted altogether for any who don't like alcohol or are on a diet. The jelly flavour used should complement the fruit, so light-coloured mixed fruit, peaches or mandarins might go better with orange or lemon - your choice.

Jelly crystals to make 450g of jelly
  I used port wine flavour
425g canned fruit in syrup
  Mine was mixed berries
Water, boiling and cold
A jam sponge roll
2 Tbsps sherry (optional)
450ml thick custard with 1 Tbsp sugar
200ml whipped cream (optional)

Have a suitable, reasonably deep dish or bowl handy - the trifle up to custard level will be about 6cm (2½ inches).

Mix the jelly crystals in 250ml boiling water. Drain the juice from the fruit into a jug, bring up to 200ml with cold water and stir into the jelly. Allow this to cool while preparing the base. Cut the jam roll into 1.5cm (5/8 inch) slices and place them flat side down in the dish - cut bits if necessary to fill in gaps. I don't need to tell you what to do with any leftovers. Dribble on the sherry if using, then arrange the fruit over, taking it right to the sides. Once the jelly is cool, pour over; then refrigerate until set (overnight is okay).

Make 450ml of custard in the usual way, but it should be thick; so double the amount of custard powder. Let this cool partially covered and stir occasionally to prevent skinning. When it is cold it can be poured on top of the set jelly and returned to the fridge to chill. Just prior to serving, whip the cream until it stands in peaks and spread over the trifle.

Serves 6 to 8         Freezing not recommended

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