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Lemon Pepper Fish
Lemon Pepper Fish
Fish poached in lemon juice with lemon pepper spice

  Here's a very simple recipe that takes only a little time to prepare and cook. I used frozen skinless Hoki, but any fresh raw fish would do. How to cook is your choice - poached, grilled, oven-baked or lightly fried.

2 fillets of fresh or frozen uncooked fish
2 Tbsps lemon juice
1-2 tsps lemon pepper spice

Choice of salad and/or fries (optional)

Or vegetables, if you like with parsley sauce

As I intended to microwave this I used a Pyrex casserole large enough to have the fillets sitting side by side in the bottom. One tablespoon of lemon juice went in first, plus a good sprinkle of lemon pepper spice which is best stirred around with a spoon to distribute it evenly. The fish goes on top of this. Pour on the second tablespoon of lemon juice and sprinkle on more lemon pepper. Cover the casserole with the lid; then microwave on 400 for 4 minutes. Test that the fish is cooked though by opening up the middle slightly with a fork. Should it need further cooking, leave it until almost ready to serve; then nuke it on the same setting for another 2 minutes; more if the fillet is thick - but don't over-cook!

Alternatively, this can be baked in the oven using the same Pyrex casserole, or similar; and I'm thinking 160°C fan-forced (175°C conventional) will be okay, maybe for 20 minutes; but don't quote me on that. Grilling is self-explanatory. Poached in a pan with a lid on the hob is another method; and if pan frying, make sure both sides of the fillets have been dipped in lemon juice and sprinkled with lemon pepper.

Serves 2           should freeze okay

Click this Click for PDF file image to view or print recipe.

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