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Chicken Schnitzel
Chicken Schnitzel
Fried chicken steaks coated in egg and breadcrumbs

  An alternative to Wiener schnitzel which can sometimes be chewy, chicken is almost always guaranteed to be tender. I kept ours plain; but if you want to enhance the flavour, the chicken steaks can be marinated first; and your choice of spices can be added to the breadcrumbs.

150-200g chicken breast fillet
½ cup breadcrumbs
1/3 cup polenta (coarse maize meal)
2 Tbsps self-raising flour
1 egg, beaten
Salt and pepper (optional)
Olive oil, or other for frying

Trim any fat from the breast fillet, then slice carefully through lengthways into two steaks. There may be some odd bits left over, and these can be fried, then frozen for later use. Gently tenderise the steaks with a tenderising hammer or rolling pin.

Beat the egg in a small bowl. Have two dishes handy, one with seasoned flour and in the other mix the breadcrumbs and polenta together. Coat each steak both sides with flour, dip in the beaten egg, then turn over in the crumbs, ensuring you don't miss spots. Now place these on a cutting board lined with baking paper and rest in the fridge for 30 minutes; or until you're ready to begin cooking.

In a shallow pan, add just enough oil to cover the base (I lined my pan with baking paper - see Handy Hints Cooking); and fry the steaks on a low to medium heat, turning occasionally to achieve an even, golden colour. Keep warm in the oven until serving.

Serves 2 with vegetables, or chips and salad         okay to freeze

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