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The Cheese Minders
cheese and wine
A tale of mystery and imagination by Dave Hawkins

I originally wrote this as a script for a teleplay; but although well-received, the genre was deemed unsuitable by the media at that time. Over the years, my wife continually encouraged me to re-write it as a short story, and I eventually bowed to her wishes. I'm glad I did, and here is the result.

The Cheese Minders

To aid Frank's recovery from a nervous breakdown, he has been recommended to take the family on holiday by his doctor who has kindly made a country home available for them. Frank's wife Tanya is convinced this house, despite being somewhat run-down, will provide a simplified lifestyle which will be therapeutic for them all. The real owner of the property, however, is not their doctor but a former patient of his; and this man has an agenda which will turn a short family vacation into a weird and extended nightmare.

Now that Frank has unlocked the front door, come in, why don't you? Enjoy the ambience of the place; have some food; a glass of wine maybe. Everything you might need is provided free of charge. Just don't expect to be able to leave anytime soon; and do remember to mind the cheese.

Even longer than "A Gift from the Grave", The Cheese Minders is in PDF format and is free for you to download. I hope you will enjoy it.

Dave Hawkins

Click this Click for PDF file image or Click here to view or print the story in PDF.

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