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Baked Bean Burgers
Baked Bean Burger
Beef and baked bean fried burgers

  I thought about trying this for a while, but never got round to it until now. The quality of beef mince is your choice, and obviously the cheaper variety will contain more fat. So, should this be all you can afford, I suggest cooking it first in a small pan, then draining off the fat. Because it is drier than fresh mince, it might be best to *add a small beaten egg to the mixture which will help to bind it and reduce the risk of the burgers breaking up when frying.

150g beef mince
200g mashed potato
210g (½ can) baked beans
1 dessertspoon self-raising flour
Salt and pepper (optional)
*1 beaten egg (optional)
Olive oil or similar for frying

In a suitable bowl, mix the mince, mashed potato and flour together using the back of a fork. Fold in the baked beans. *If using pre-cooked mince, now stir in the beaten egg. Form into flattened patties and refrigerate on a tray lined with baking paper for 20-30 minutes (especially important when adding egg). Fry in a little oil, turning carefully until golden brown (bronze, if you like).

Serves 2 on a bun, bread, or toast. Alternatively have with vegies, salad, or chips.
Should freeze okay

TIP: I made 2 large burgers; but in hindsight, because they were hard to turn while frying without breaking up, it might have been better to divide the mix into 4.

Click here to view or print recipe in PDF.

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