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Chilli Beef and Noodles
Chilli Beef and Noodles
A spicy beef and noodles one-pan meal

  Cheaper cuts of beef will tenderise well by simmering in the stock for at least 30 minutes. As an alternative, beef or other meat mince are okay; but if going this way I suggest cooking first in a pan and draining off the fat before adding it to the mixture. Vegetarians can leave out the meat altogether. You can substitute beef stock powder or a stock cube, but I used the packet of flavouring from the noodles.

300g beef strips
200g (½ can) diced tomatoes
1 cup frozen mixed vegetables
1 tsp Cajun or chilli spice
Salt and pepper (optional)
½ packet 2 minute beef noodles
2 cups water

Trim any fat from the beef and cut into small strips or cubes. In a suitable pan, mix the stock powder and spice with the water. Now add the beef and mixed vegies, bring to the boil; then turn down to simmer covered for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Simmer a further 20 minutes partially covered; longer if necessary to reduce the liquid a little.

Remove the lid, stir in the tomatoes and noodles and cook on low uncovered until the noodles are soft. It can be served immediately, or re-heated later.

For more than 2 serves, add diced potato, other vegies and the remaining noodles.

          Not recommended for freezing

TIP: the half-can of diced tomatoes can be frozen for later use; and the half-packet of noodles will keep in the bag sealed with an elastic band.

Click here to view or print recipe in PDF.

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