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REVIEW of Focus 29
Finding Happiness
Is it far off in the future, or here right now?

Our website was launched back in 2011 with the idea of helping others to discover what we had been enjoying for a number of years, and still are today. Happiness is no secret. It is all around us in every facet of life, lingering within every situation. To experience it, all we have to do is take the time to recognise it amongst the complications of a busy day; then appreciate the benefits it can bring.

Perhaps the easiest way to identify happiness is by comparison. Those instances and events that make us unhappy are generally obvious; and when they occur, a concerted effort is usually employed to rectify the situation. Once resolved, the feeling of relief is often quite pronounced and should tell us something. We can't be happy if we are unhappy - how simple is that?

We were all born to be happy. As children the concept wasn't debated or sought after: it was there all the time, a part of our lives that we enjoyed without question. Growing up, however, introduced responsibilities that seemed to crowd out the good parts. But happiness is not merely a childish notion that has to be left behind. Rediscover your enjoyment factors and make the most of them now and into the future. They are there, right under your noses. The full article tells you where to look and how to make the best use of what you find.

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A Season of Happiness - helping you and yours towards a better lifestyle
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