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REVIEW of Focus 31
Instructions Are There to be Read - ALL of Them!

Instructions - who ever bothers to read them? Whatever the product, they are usually the same. After all, a glue's a glue - you spread or squeeze it on and it sticks; well, most of the time. Some have a peculiar smell, quite pungent in many cases. Used in confined spaces they can be extremely toxic, a definite health risk. Then there are those giving off a flammable vapour which a naked flame or spark could ignite. The warnings about these dangers are on the packaging; so only someone with a death wish would ignore them.

Electrical appliances generally come with operating instructions; but complacency dictates that only the nitty-gritty of how they work needs to be read. As for the safety advice - surely they are all pretty much the same? Maybe, but it doesn't hurt to refresh the memory; and a quick read might prevent an accident which could harm the user, someone else, or wreck the device. Many have re-chargeable batteries. Do you truly know the risks; or do you just plug them into the mains and leave them to do their own thing?

Medications can cause real problems if the instructions aren't followed to the letter. The pharmacist will have put the prescribing doctor's advice on the label - how many to take and when; but are you having other medication as well? The two together could either render both useless; or, in extreme circumstances, produce a third, perhaps lethal chemical. Woah! It really does pay to read those instructions.

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