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REVIEW of Focus 34
Silence of the Men
Men are reluctant to talk about their health problems

It is a well-documented fact that men don't like talking about their health. It is, in their eyes, a weakness they would rather not admit to; and in some cases the problem may be embarrassing for them. There is also the chance that a physical ailment will require invasive medical procedures to put right; an eventuality they will continue to dodge for as long as possible. Needless to say, the condition is only likely to worsen over time, and this adds another concern - worry.

Their reluctance to talk about anything to do with their own health then extends to mental stress; a far more difficult subject to share. So they keep it to themselves and the pressure builds. Despite having said nothing to anyone, the people around them are not unaware that something is wrong. Family and friends notice mood changes and other symptoms of concern and a preoccupation that wasn't there before. Should they take the bull by the horns and ask: "Are you okay?" the answer will probably be short, sharp and dismissive.

As a consequence those around him find themselves walking on eggshells, a situation he may well pick up on, driving him further into himself. Left unattended, the man who always considered himself an island will realise that is exactly what he has become: a lonely outcast stranded in an ocean of his own despair. Escape from here is difficult, often impossible. He desperately needs to talk to someone; but will he?

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