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REVIEW of Focus 35
A Sense of Humour
a laugh and a joke can relieve stress

When things are going so bad that you just want to break down and cry; the best medicine is laughter. "That's okay for you," some might say, "You don't have my worries." Well no, probably not; but we all have our own everyday hassles to cope with, and being continually gloomy rarely helps resolve them. Even in the worst of times there will be some aspect to raise a smile, if only a small one. Those are the bits to look for; to think about; to make use of.

Soldiers in the trenches during the World Wars were under horrendous pressure and in constant danger; yet they managed to find something to laugh and joke about. It was what kept them sane; perhaps even made them more determined to stay alive. On the home front, the families the troops had left behind were also struggling to survive. There was rationing, the prospect of being bombed; and the terrible thought that their loved ones might never return. They didn't give up. They did what they could to retain a sense of normality during troubled times; and they took every opportunity to have a laugh. Humour was one thing that was never in short supply.

Today we have had a new kind of crisis to deal with - Covid-19. You've seen the news reports, and not all were about death and suffering. People posted fun videos, found novel ways to raise spirits by sharing experiences that had us chuckling. Nothing to laugh about? There was plenty, still is. It's just a matter of looking for it. Use your imagination; and hook it up to your sense of humour to bring some sunshine back into your lives.

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