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REVIEW of Focus 36
Your Guiding Light
the friend who helps with life's decisions

Living life is about making decisions which isn't always easy, especially when you are lacking experience in a particular area. Here's when it is advisable to consult someone who knows. There is usually an expert to tell you the best washing machine to buy, or safe ways to invest your money; but I'm not talking about that here. This article focuses on personal problems and situations; and the "experts" in question are those who know you well, perhaps even better than you know yourself.

It may be a long-time friend, or a relative. Grandparents tend to be free with advice and accept that their job is to instruct and guide the young. Anyone fortunate enough to have one of these wise mentors on hand need only ask and a solution will be presented. Whether or not the recipient takes the advice is their choice; but they would probably be doing themselves a disservice if they ignore it out of hand.

In cases where the ideal advisor is unable to be contacted, maybe even have passed away, the memories of them and their words are still there. It is just a matter of recalling similar situations to the current one being faced and replay the advice of the wise one. What might they have suggested? Despite them no longer being around, having faith in their previous guidance will help ensure you make the right decisions; and if you take it a step further and imagine they are looking over your shoulder when you do whatever it is you have to; well, you really should do it the right way. Yes?

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