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REVIEW of Focus 37
Seachange Treechange
a great idea that needs careful consideration

Going on holiday is great for most, at least a good idea initially; and once the decision is made, the period of preparation is usually a nice build-up to the actual event. Needless to say, even if only for a week or two, staying in a place that is different from the norm, be it the coast, the bush, or maybe a farm stay; any of these help to recharge the batteries. As long as it is a relaxing time for all, having to go back to work feeling relatively refreshed shouldn't be too bad; not when plans are made to repeat the experience at a later date. But for some, this mere taste can cause dissatisfaction with the current situation and may prompt the desire for a change in lifestyle. They had a really great time and start thinking: what if we got out of the smoke and moved to the country or the coast? We could make it work, surely?

Yes, it is possible. We did it as have many others; but it isn't quite as easy as just selling up and beginning again in a better place. What about work and making an income? Jobs may not be readily available, and they might pay less. Then there are the kids and their schooling, medical facilities, shops and so on - are these on hand or miles away? Weather can also play a part when it is considered that the visit which sparked the wish to live there forever after was booked during a pleasant season. Weather is unlikely to be as kind all year round.

Before taking the plunge, have a read of the article. Hopefully it won't change your mind for a seachange or a treechange because ours has never been regretted; but there are many more things to consider than simply packing up and heading off.

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