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REVIEW of Focus 38
Saving the Planet
is it a pipe-dream, or are we on the right track?

We came, we conquered, and we made a total mess of it. Human presence on Planet Earth has changed the way of things, and not always for the better; and as the population increases, so do the associated problems. Unfortunately, nobody really knows how to fix them without creating more. Factories are necessary to produce the goods we humans use; but unless they are powered by renewable energy that doesn't cause pollution, our need for their products makes matters worse. Solar power, wind generators and the harnessing of tidal flow is a definite start; but this "green" approach falls on its face when it is considered that the dreaded factories are required to manufacture the necessary equipment to make it happen.

All of this is really in the hands of governments and committees which discuss protocols for months and years without coming up with a solution that satisfies every issue; and certainly not everyone involved. We as individuals may not have the means to make a huge difference, but we can play a part in repairing the damage done over the millennia. Trees were cleared for farming and building: replacing them is essential for CO2 absorption, replenishing oxygen and reducing the salinity of soils and waterways. Farmers and local governments should come to the party by planting millions of trees to replace those chopped down; and we may only have a small back yard or a limited acreage; but any extras we can plant might eventually make a difference.

The plain fact is: we can't continue just talking and doing nothing; not if we want our planet to survive.

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