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REVIEW of Focus 40
The Psychology of Productivity
Workers are people, not machines!

Businesses are in it for the money, always seeking higher productivity for a lower cost in order to increase profit margins. They are, however, not alone. Their employees are constantly mindful of pay packets and that their income is sufficient for daily needs; plus some extra for the odd luxury. It should be possible for these two factions to reach a compromise with regard to what's best for both. Unfortunately, inflation tends to impact on reason by forcing both employers and employees to think more about financial needs than adequate sufficiency. The price of living is on the rise constantly; so everyone in the mix wants extra cash to cover the shortfall.

The problem is that pay increases for workers who produce no more than they always have causes an imbalance in the updated profit-and-loss stakes. As a consequence, whatever they are involved in producing is bound to cost the employer more. So, to keep profit margins at least as they were, business owners have to increase the price of the goods they turn out. Whatever those goods may be, there is a fair chance that the employees making them will eventually have to buy them from the supermarket, store, etc. Then their household budget suffers and they either can't afford as much, or the purse strings have to be tightened because their income isn't keeping pace with expenditure. That's a major cause of stress. The solution is easy, though - put in for a pay increase. And, woops, here we go again!

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