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REVIEW of Focus 41
The Age of Rage
Why do people these days seem so angry?

Well, they not only seem angry; they actually are; but what causes them to be this way? There has been anger from the beginning of time; and in those bygone days when living was very basic, the means was on hand to defuse the build-up of inner tension. Primitive people had to hunt to survive, and it was up close and personal: chasing that wild boar on foot armed with spears and clubs; then having to face off with the ferocious beast once it had been run down. Energy was expended and the tension relieved by a simple act of necessary but controlled aggression. Today, we don't have to hunt to put food on the table; but we still get angry, and that internal rage has to be dispelled to preserve sanity and avoid dire consequences.

The causes of this anger are many and varied; most stemming from a modern lifestyle which provides all we need at the flick of a switch or the tap of a screen. These technological wonders save time, giving us more to use for things other than work and household chores. The trouble is, instead of utilising those spare minutes and hours for enjoyable, relaxing pastimes; we take on more responsibilities to a point where our days are so full and fast-paced that we find it hard to cope. This is annoying to start with; later a prime instigator of resentment and tension that needs releasing. Quite often, that triggers angry outbursts targeting anything and anyone close enough to be within range. Hence the mindless vandalism, road-rage incidents, seemingly unprovoked attacks on complete strangers; and occasionally mass murders.

These are some of the terrible consequences of inner stress and tension; but there are recognisable signs of the early symptoms; and there are ways to prevent personal dissatisfaction evolving into a criminal act that will be regretted forever after.

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