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REVIEW of Focus 42
The Seasons of Happiness

This article paints a picture of a person's life, from birth to old age. Divided into the four seasons of any year, it looks through the subject's eyes at the most important stages that will be experienced along the way. Beginning in winter, a child is born, knowing only what it is allowed to hear, see, touch and feel; and even then, most things are mysteries. Although entering its world in a seemingly cold season, the infant eventually realises that there is warmth ahead; something perhaps quite wonderful; and it eagerly awaits the advent of that special time.

Spring is a period of greater understanding, especially the basic rules; first of home and family; soon in that seat of learning that they will either love or hate. School-time has arrived at last. Here begins the most important lessons of the journey, a decade of ingesting whatever is necessary to lay the foundations for the years ahead. There will be developing friendships, along with enemies made; and temptations that, until now, had never been considered. And in what seems the blink of an eye, adulthood is fast approaching.

This will be the summer that the wise embrace as they further careers and relationships. The incorrigible thrill-seekers will continue much as before; while the indolent merely take whatever is on offer and free as they always have. This is a busy season, a full one; and it ought to be lived with regard to how the final autumn will pan out. But old age is often about compromise bathed by the gentle glow of a sun which illuminates what might have been, compared to what has now come to pass.

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A Season of Happiness - helping you and yours towards a better lifestyle
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