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REVIEW of Focus 44
All Praise to the Vollies
Where would we be without volunteers?

We see them on the news: performing dangerous and amazing feats of bravery; true life heroes in a crisis. They don't consider themselves heroes, though. Just like us, they are ordinary people from all walks of life who simply pitch in when the need arises. None of them are paid, unlike those employed by organisations such as fire brigades and other emergency services; but without them the professionals know there are certain situations they simply can't cope with on their own. That's when the Vollies rock up.

From bushfires to floods to avalanches and earthquakes; when property and lives are at risk, the Vollies will be there in a flash; day or night; dropping whatever they are doing to attend. Others will be on hand too; such as the Salvation Army to provide necessary food and drinks for the ones on the front line who are tired, hungry, thirsty; and quite often exhausted. And let's not forget the paramedics there to tend the injured; and perhaps transport them to an emergency hospital. They all matter; and they are keeping us safe.

Some who work behind the scenes are less obvious and can be forgotten. They may work in charity shops, soup kitchens; and be on the end of the line if someone is in crisis and phones for encouragement and advice. Here are more ordinary people simply getting on and doing: setting up drug-rehabilitation venues, drop-in centres, shelters for the homeless; and others fund-raising for individuals, families; and to provide additional funds for research. So remember them; and be forever thankful that they are out there, and that they care.

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