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REVIEW of Focus 46
Think Outside the Box
When the old ways no longer suit modern needs

Not until something comes along to rock the boat while sailing on our sea of comfort do we seriously consider a change of course. Coronavirus has made all of us stop and think. Lockdowns, businesses forced to suspend operations; employees unable to bring in the money to keep heads above water; these and more have impacted on a way of life that most believed would continue forever. Well, the old ways have suddenly ground to a halt and it's time to think outside the box.

There are many who have already had to. Perhaps they have sustained an injury which prevents them carrying on as they used to. They don't give up, finding alternatives which are within their current abilities. The full article includes an account of one such man whom we met back in 1975. He was disadvantaged then both physically and financially; but he refused to quit and made it through the tough times. We had a letter from him the other day and he's still soldiering on; still thinking outside the box. It isn't easy, but if someone like that can do it, we all can.

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