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REVIEW of Focus 47
The Chocolate Cake Syndrome
Honesty is the best policy

The title might sound strange - what does chocolate cake have to do with anything? Well, I used it to explain to my kids about being truthful; and what could happen if they weren't. I suggested that if, while visiting friends, they were offered a piece of chocolate cake and they accepted gratefully; this would be okay as long as they liked chocolate cake. If not and they ate it anyway; plus said how nice it was; next time they visited there would be a good chance that the chocolate cake would be there waiting for them. In effect, telling a white lie so as not to offend has set them up for a repeat of something they actually hate.

The same syndrome applies to nearly all aspects of life. Friendships in particular often make known a few idiosyncrasies that were less annoying when the parties spent little time together; but as the relationship develops, should nothing be mentioned about them is a recipe for growing resentment. Honesty is always the best policy.

Since Covid-19 came along, normality has had to take a back seat. What with frequent, long-lasting lockdowns and quarantines necessitating people spending all day every day with each other, tensions tend to build. This is when the truth will out; and talking over likes and dislikes is one way to defuse what might become a very explosive situation. Best to say how you really feel about that chocolate cake before it is served up for your every meal.

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