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REVIEW of Health 29
Grow your own
You don't need acres to grow your own food

For many, self-sufficiency is just a dream. Acquiring land to plant crops is impractical for most; so, it would seem, buying fresh vegetables from a grocer or supermarket is the only way. Not true! Anyone can grow fresh vegetables and herbs, despite the limitations imposed by the type of residence. Indoor planters, though small can produce bean shoots, or mustard and cress; and other herbs like chives can be encouraged to grow indoors - with a little consideration, of course. If a window has an outside sill, a window box is a definite option; a balcony is even better and can accommodate a tub or two. Don't forget the roof of apartment blocks. All kinds of crops can survive in pots between the pigeon coops.

Those lucky enough to have gardens are home and hosed. Setting up one or two growing beds for vegetables and herbs isn't hard. Maintenance needs consideration and can be a pain if left untended for too long; but there may be a better way. Adopting square-foot gardening reduces the area taken up and the work that has to go into keeping the plants healthy. Once established, these will take a variety of different crops within a four-foot square mini-garden; and you won't even have to stand on the dirt to tend your crops. If interested, have a look at the article; and before long, you too could be picking your own vegies and herbs, rather than buying them far-from-fresh from the shop.

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