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REVIEW of Health 30
The War on Germs
fighting the unseen army can make you sick

In the old days, if time was scarce a lick and a promise were often the way to clean up - kids, plates and utensils, and work surfaces. Being too fussy in this regard was considered unnecessary and, in some instances, counter-productive. After all, picking up a few germs was unlikely to do much harm because people were tough back then; they had to be. In modern times, we know the value of cleanliness and keeping ourselves and the home free of disease-spreading bacteria - or do we? It may be a sobering, even a frightening thought; but we can't get rid of microbes for long, no matter how diligent we try to be.

Germs are everywhere - in supermarkets on shelf-goods that have been handled; even and especially on coins and notes given at the checkout as change. Some viruses can survive for up to twenty minutes on surfaces, deposited there by the coughing, sneezing, sniffling people who already have an illness. And those who have to visit a doctor or hospital are particularly at risk of picking up all kinds of debilitating bacteria.

There are, however, ways to avoid collecting them in the first place; then depositing them in and around the home for other family members to share. See the full article for a plan of campaign in the war against germs.

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