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REVIEW of Health 31
Keeping Dementia at Bay

Dementia is one of those ailments that generally knocks on the door later in life, but not always. In many cases it seems to be brought on by a major change in circumstances, particularly when a person retires from full-time work. Suddenly facing a day which is no longer dictated by having to follow an often-tiring routine schedule ought to be a blessing. All of those jobs and hobbies shoved onto the back-burner until such a time can now be tackled. Unfortunately, as so many discover, once these tasks are completed, what else is there? Not much to think about, certainly; and this is the problem.

The mind needs stimulation; it has to be occupied to continue functioning properly. Allowed to regress into a state of lethargy invites Dementia to gradually take over. Hours in the day become meaningless, and planning for the future is pointless. As for trying something new as friends and family may suggest; well, that requires concentration and exercising memory skills, both of which seem to be diminishing rapidly. The thought then is: life's pretty much over, so why bother?

The condition is annoying for the sufferer at first; but strangely less so as it takes hold. Once in a simple world of repetition where decisions are someone else's responsibility, the mind gives up trying and accepts that this is as good as it's ever going to get. Family and friends, however, who can see what is happening will be frustrated and be willing, even desperate to help. And they can. It won't be easy; but it really needs to be done to preserve their valued relationship drifting away.

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