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REVIEW of Health 32
Write it Down
how to reduce the stress from over-thinking

Problems are a fact of life. Some are easy to resolve, while others take more time. All, however, are stored in the mind along with everything else, both important and irrelevant; and this can cause major disruption to the logical thought process. Because of the way it works, the brain is constantly on the go, even when the body is sleeping. It can skip from one subject to another simply by association; so whatever is currently under consideration will be a reminder of something else similar or connected. Too much of this jumping from one issue to another, to yet another, then back again puts the mind under great pressure and leads to stress. There is, however, a simple remedy.

Write it all down. Yes - get a piece of paper and jot down everything that is going round and round in your head. In effect, make lists of your concerns, major and minor, including all of the incidentals that are adding to the mental confusion. Once these constant distractions to clear thinking are out of your head and in black and white, they can't be forgotten, so there is less chance that your brain will keep reminding you of them.

The next stage is to do something about resolving issues, especially those which have been causing maximum stress. One in particular may have been on the back-burning for a while; perhaps because tackling it was likely to be an unpleasant experience to be avoided. Leaving it for longer, however, tends to promote a similar discomfort by proxy; making us suffer again and again at the mere thought of it. So, make a promise to get it done and dusted now; and once it has been crossed off the list, many of the other problems will seem much easier to fix by comparison.

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