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REVIEW of Health 35
Preparing Fruit and Vegetables
to peel or not to peel - that is the question

The healthy diet, so we are told, should include plenty of fruit and vegies; and I think that's pretty sound advice; in the main, anyway. Fresh is always best, and whatever is desired is usually available from the supermarket year round. Here's the first problem because, unless they are forced to grow in simulated, artificial environments, these plants are seasonal. That means they only grow well during climatic conditions that suit best; so tomatoes, capsicum and bananas that are known to be definitely summer fruit shouldn't be available in the dead of winter. But, you say, they are - we bought some only last week. Fine; what you actually purchased was last season's crop which had been picked slightly unripe and held in cold storage. They won't taste quite the same, but they are better than going without - yes?

That's a matter of opinion; but there is another, more important issue. Some maintain that the skin and peel is the best, most nutritious part. Maybe, provided the outside is uncontaminated which, much of the time it isn't. Root vegetables not only come into contact with fertiliser; but also whatever other chemicals are in the soil in which they are grown. DDT and Dieldrin have been banned as they are harmful to humans. Unfortunately, they are residual and their potency remains in the ground for years, long after they were first introduced. So, if you insist on not peeling the carrots, turnips and potatoes, you can imagine what you might inadvertently be eating. As for fruit which hangs on trees and hasn't even touched the ground; it has still been sprayed with chemical pesticides and fungus deterrents. Might it be better not to take the risk and peel them all?

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