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REVIEW of Health 36
Pets for Health & Safety
pets can be more than just cute and cuddly

Having a pet around the house is something many accept as necessary. Families with children recognise the benefits in teaching the kids to take care of the animal; and although there are some inconveniences in the early stages, the new addition soon learns the rules and settles in. For people on their own, especially seniors, a dog or cat, even a bird, are companions who ask very little and give so much back. These furry and feathered friends, however, have more to offer than their mere presence.

Having senses far greater than humans, they can detect nuances that we miss. The scent or demeanour of a stranger can put them on the defensive. Maybe they have detected a faint hint of perspiration which they interpret as fear or aggression. Either way, they will be wary, and a change in behaviour will warn their owner of their concern. He or she should take notice - they aren't just growling or hissing for nothing.

Animals are very perceptive and there have been cases when they have detected a physical anomaly such as cancer which, at the time, hadn't been diagnosed. Once the condition had been treated successfully, the hairy predictors were happy and went back to their old routines. Nursing homes are coming to admit visits by animals which bring so much pleasure to the inmates and, in many instances, seemingly help to improve health. As for the animals themselves, I'm sure they are pleased with the joy they bring; and, of course, with the reciprocal attention they receive.

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