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REVIEW of Health 37
Make Music and Relieve Stress

I have been making music since I was a kid: singing in choirs and playing various instruments from the recorder, through trumpet and later guitar. As I recall, the experiences were rarely stressful, although I did tend to groan a bit when Dad asked if I'd been practising; but for the most part I often found myself in a different world, one of pleasant tunes and harmony. Whatever was happening outside didn't matter; and for a few minutes, sometimes hours, all I cared about was making music and getting it right.

If you have never tried before, I highly recommend giving it a go; and if you used to play or sing in the past but have shelved it in favour of other commitments, dust off the vocal chords or that clarinet and rediscover some actual "me" time. I personally stick with the guitar these days because it is really a band in itself and I don't need anyone else to join in. Electronic keyboards are similar, able to create tunes from classical to jazz, or provide accompaniment for a singer - maybe you. Naturally, any instrument is not easy to learn in the early stages, but persistence and accepting the fact that many mistakes will be made before you get it right, that's both a challenge and the reward - keeping it simple, trying again and again until you can say to yourself: "Yes, that's it, and it's not half bad."

Life in general is hard to take sometimes; and the stress of simply living takes its toll. In music, however, there is a way to calm the nerves and, maybe, soothe the soul. Have a serious think about it. And should you decide to go with the guitar, check out our Free Tutorial, Learn to Play Guitar the Easy Way. You could surprise yourself.

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