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REVIEW of Health 38
Quality Time
your children need it, and so do you

We often talk about it; wish we had more of it; and from a personal point of view, we have a pretty good idea how to acquire it. But do we ever consider that others might want to share that precious time with us, kids in particular? The trouble is that there's so much to do in respect to our job and household chores; quality time has to take a back seat. So, when the kids ask Mum for help with their homework and she's slaving over a hot stove, the answer is all too often: "Not right now - I'm busy. Ask your Dad." Unfortunately, he's wading through the office accounts or fixing the car. Once again, the kid is home alone.

It shouldn't be this way; and it doesn't have to be. Parents and carers need to make the effort to share as much of their day as they can with their children; to remember that companionship and mentoring are an essential part of learning and growing up. Sure, they get some of that at school, but it isn't the same. Mum and Dad should be more than just providers of the basics; they should be friends too.

Some might argue that they don't have kids; but what about partners? Surely these are special people who deserve more than simply occupying the same space. Perhaps we should think back to when we first met them and how both parties were extra considerate then in order to develop a good relationship. With the passing of years it is very easy to lapse and start taking others for granted. Read the full article - it may help you to get back some of the quality time that seems to be disappearing from your life.

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