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REVIEW of Health 39
The Herbs and Spices of Life
There's more to herbs and spices than taste and colour

Herbs and spices used in cooking add more than just a touch of flavour - they are purported to have certain medicinal qualities and health benefits. For example: oregano is said to be a natural form of omega-3 fatty acids, a good type of cholesterol; and it is supposed to detoxify the body. Cardamom, used in many dishes including curries, contains vitamins including niacin, thiamine and vitamins A and C, plus a few minerals. It is claimed by some to be good for digestive problems like heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome.

There are loads of others mentioned in the full article and it's really worth a read. Listed in alpha it is easy to find a particular one, at least the more popular herbs and spices, and you may discover some facts about them that you didn't know. Being a bit of a skeptic, however, I have my doubts that they are all as wonderful as our research sources maintained; but you can form your own opinion. Whatever you believe, they can certainly turn an otherwise bland dish into something special.

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