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REVIEW of Health 41
Skin Cancer
UV is still a risk on a cool, cloudy day

Considering that the risk of contracting skin cancer has been widely reported, you'd think that people would take notice. It is, after all, a disease that can be deadly; and there are facts and statistics in the full article supporting this. So why is it that we see photos of sunbathers packed on beaches still? Perhaps because many are young and, of course, they not only know it all, but as far as skin cancer is concerned they are bullet-proof. That's perfectly true, they'll maintain, quoting any number of reasons why they are immune, from having an olive skin to other beliefs that are actually myths.

Anyone can get skin cancer; and the worrying thing is that it doesn't just stay on the skin. Depending on the type, the cancer cells can spread from an irritating spot noticed on the surface; subsequently invading other parts of the body unseen. Receiving diagnosis and treatment too late is likely to prove fatal.

Please go to the full article to see what you have to avoid in order to minimise the risk of skin cancer. It could save your life.

To read the complete article or download the PDF of Health 41 click here

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