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REVIEW of Health 42
Cyber Bullying Can Be a Child Killer
Children Are At Risk from the Dark Side of Social Media

These days, most children have access to the Internet; and nearly all have a smart phone. Communication is essential for all concerned, both children and parents; so it might be considered that carrying a phone wherever they go causes the child no harm. That kind of thinking is flawed and dangerous, because there is evil lurking on-line; and it is out to target your kids.

Having a disagreement or a exchanging a few hurtful remarks face to face in the school yard is part of socialising that needs to be accepted and handled appropriately. When it is delivered on-line via a child's phone, however, it can have long-lasting effects that undermine self-confidence and eventually may lead to thoughts of suicide. The trolls responsible for cyber bullying are generally anonymous, using fake profiles; and they may not even know the recipient personally; but their spiteful comments are all-too often taken to heart. Parents should make themselves aware of the Social Media platforms their children have access to and are frequenting.

Quite a few of these exert little or no control over who is using them, or what is posted; and some open the door to dangers that young, inexperienced minds simply can't cope with. The PDF spotlights some of the more harmful, and concerned parents and carers should take a look. If any of these Apps are discovered to be on a child's phone or laptop, they need to be deleted!

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